Corking [verb]

Definition of Corking:

confine, restrict

Synonyms of Corking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corking:

Sentence/Example of Corking:

And I suppose you've always known how to do those corking fine embroideries that the priests are so stuck on?

After corking the bottles apply melted paraffin to the tops with a brush, to make an air-tight seal.

Wouldn't it be—corking—to see a Fluffy Ruffles doll—a-walking up the street?

If you want to know, I am "corking down," to adopt your elegant expression, a sonnet that suggested itself to me.

Some day we will bring suit and just take possession of their place; won't it be corking?

It was a great bit of luck, the skipper corking off on deck.

Is that our expenses you're corking down there, Culchard, eh?

If, on corking the bottle and shaking, the colour is not discharged, the air contains less than 0.25 per cent.

Look here, Joe, suppose a fellow was a corking good full-back three years ago and then didnt play any more.

Certainly no country in recent years has produced so many "corking" good singers as America.