Corkscrew [adjective]

Definition of Corkscrew:

curling, winding

Synonyms of Corkscrew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corkscrew:

Sentence/Example of Corkscrew:

The path rose more steeply now with a spiral twist to the right like the final turn of a corkscrew.

I meant, we were both in love, he said with the ghost of a smile, if your corkscrew advances towards matrimony can be called love.

There was a noise at the other end of the room, as if something was crawling up the iron corkscrew stair.

As it swallowed us we began to spiral rapidly around as though we were tobogganing down a giant corkscrew.

Here is a machine the central part of which resembles a great corkscrew or spiral constantly revolving.

Close by Samarra stands a strange corkscrew tower, known by the natives as the Malwiyah.

On the chart this stream had been shown as a rough little corkscrew, like a sucking-pig's tail.

From his pocket he took a knife containing a corkscrew and with this he drew the cork and handed the flask back to the Indian.

It was at the beginning of the story you told us—I think it was something about the corkscrew staircase.

The judge found a corkscrew attached to the bottle, and sipped his draft under the absorbed regard of the group.