Cornered [adjective]

Definition of Cornered:

under attack

Synonyms of Cornered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cornered:


Sentence/Example of Cornered:

Rat this pawn of the Eye may have been, but even a cornered rat will fight with the courage of a lion.

In fact, they were the real commanders, although the fire inspector had yellow and crimson feathers in his three-cornered hat.

Such a bear, they had heard, always preferred to run away, and was not much to be dreaded unless cornered or wounded.

Still no answer, while the scoundrel gazed about like a cornered cat, looking for chance to escape.

At first he brazened it out, and finally, when he was cornered, he turned state's evidence to save what he could of his own skin.

"Maybe he's got Beatty cornered, tellin' him a new plan fer workin' the cats this afternoon," leered another.

You may be shore that the three-cornered noats came pretty thick now from the Griffinses.

From time to time the slave-drivers would jog them along with a few lashes from a four-cornered "hippo" hide kiboko, or whip.

An Indian will fight hard when cornered, or when heated by lively resistance, but he hates to go into it in cold blood.

It did seem that these men were cornered, for there was not cover for a rat to escape by, and no man can fight against thirst.