Cornice [noun]

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The faint candle-light glimmered on a ponderous gilded cornice, which had also sustained violence.

It consists of two stories rising to a cornice topped by a steep, many-dormered roof.

A richly corbelled cornice crowns the structure, above which a spire was projected by Giotto, but never carried out.

The horizontal lines of the architrave and cornice predominate over the vertical lines of the columns.

A little later the walls began to be covered with panels of thin slabs of marble with a baseboard and cornice.

He shot forth a long arm to seize the overhanging rock cornice and drag his body over the ledge.

The mountain paths were narrow; they were often a mere cornice or ledge projecting over a giddy precipice.

"He isn't, probably," replied Fitch, whose eyes were contemplating the cornice of the building across the street.

It was necessary to avoid treading on our frail cornice and no less important to keep near the edge.

Above these the cornice and parapet rest upon blocks bearing the nail-head ornament.