Corny [adjective]

Definition of Corny:

trite, clichéd

Synonyms of Corny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corny:

Sentence/Example of Corny:

Corny walked down the avenue and over the hill, in the direction of the anchorage of the steamer.

Corny wanted to see Christy, and Mrs. Passford had begun to be uneasy that he did not return at dark.

"First rate; she is as jolly as though no one ever heard of such a thing as war," replied Corny, with enthusiasm.

He was not quite satisfied with Corny's manner, or with the little he seemed to be willing to say about the rest of the family.

"I did not leave Mobile till two weeks later with Corny," added the major.

Corny was told to lead the way, and act as though he were Christy Passford, and owned the ship in his own right.

But when Corny had delivered the last message, the steps were lowered, and the Florence made fast to them.

The captain kept some distance behind the ship-keeper, and took Corny by the arm to detain him.

"And poor Corny Passford was wounded in the shoulder," said Florry, who had hardly spoken before.

Dr. Linscott soon relieved Corny of his pain, but it was many weeks before he was fit to leave the house, and then he was paroled.