Corona [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Corona:

Aristide offered him a two francs corona which was ceremoniously accepted.

The 'Corona' was designed and built by Peed of Oulton, who had built several fast-sailing boats.

He was buried in the corona at Canterbury, where his tomb yet remains.

Just at the edge of the corona a line should be cut in, called the scotia.

The corona of the sun gleamed and writhed like a thin band of quicksilver.

Below the altar, striking upwards from the floor of the sanctuary, gleamed a corona of light.

Earlier in the year, a double corona had been seen when the moon was shining through cirro-cumulus clouds.

This gives the symbol a yet closer likeness to the corona, whose "polar rays" are remarkably like the tail feathers of a bird.

The bird that "shows off" merely runs along the ground with corona fully expanded.

I leant over her head, within a foot of the Corona on the forehead, and closely observed the wounds.