Corporal [adjective]

Definition of Corporal:

bodily, physical

Synonyms of Corporal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corporal:

Sentence/Example of Corporal:

From September 2013 to October 2020, Stewart collected nearly $74,000 in medical and educational benefits from the VA by falsely claiming he had been honorably discharged at the rank of Marine corporal.

Student leaders are demanding constitutional reform and new elections, as well as protections for LGBTQ people and an end to corporal punishment in schools.

The corporal, rather chalky-looking under his tan, stepped forward and laid a hand on MacRae's shoulder.

The guerrillas had hung the body of the corporal from a tree and there it dangled over the road, a gruesome object.

After he was securely bound he was forced to stand while the two, with foul epithets, hung the body of the corporal over the road.

A corporal immediately exclaimed, "I'm too deep already; I am up to the middle."

The bronze seemed to deepen in the corporal's face, but it was turned steadily towards his officer.

I've asked you no questions, but I've eyes in my head, and it's not without a purpose you've been made corporal.

Then, seeing no need to waste time, the corporal rode towards Courthorne's homestead, and found its owner stripping a binder.

In another minute, it dipped into a hollow, and Corporal Payne smiled grimly.