Corporations [noun]

Definition of Corporations:

business organization, usually large

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Sentence/Example of Corporations:

Some corporations are still denied voluntary action, as well as minors and insane persons.

Gainful corporations have no such power unless it has been granted by their charter or by statute.

Colonial charters were, however, "undoubtedly no more than those of all corporations, which empower them to make bye-laws."

Public corporations are formed for governing the people and are often called municipal corporations.

More recently general statutes have been enacted whereby individuals may form such corporations without the aid of a legislature.

These resemble corporations in some ways, and this is the reason for calling them quasi corporations.

Formerly charters were granted to corporations for a long term of years, or forever.

Of late years private corporations have been issuing a kind of stock, called preferred, that must be explained.

The shareholders of many corporations are liable only for the amount they have contributed and paid, or have agreed to pay.

Shareholders manage their corporations through directors or trustees elected for that purpose.