Corralled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Corralled:

Using car parking and more sturdy dividers as barriers, building bike parking corrals at intersections, and adjusting traffic light timing to give cyclists priority could all discourage the use of automobiles while accommodating cyclists.

Clutter can accumulate quickly near the home entry, so consider adding a catchall tray or dish to corral keys, wallets and mail.

So, when Sunday night come, and he preached in the school-house, he had quite a bunch of punchers corralled there to hear him.

With the aid of these they soon corralled the others, and the party gathered with their animals at the base of the ridge.

The "rough string," as the bad horses were called, was corralled, and the men made merry with the roundup crew.

The emigrants thought an attack was imminent and corralled the wagons, thus making a fortification.

Mounted troops corralled the mobs as cowboys round up belligerent cattle.

Whipping his earlier erratic chapters into line, he quirted and corralled the herd of them into one unified, crowded whole.

If you fellows hadnt given me Big League support theyd corralled the game after all.

The train was corralled in a circle for defense as speedily as possible.