Corralling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Corralling:

In 2020—when bike sales rose by 50%, according to the NPD Group, and bike use increased despite the pandemic-triggered drop in overall commuting—New York City failed to install a single new bike corral, according to public records.

This method of corralling was universal with western freighters.

The boarding-houses were corralling the easy dollars of the gamesome lawmakers.

"We'll have a pleasant time corralling that gang," began Billy for the third time.

"Corralling this fire, of course," Bob panted, dashing at a marauding little flame.

After corralling a school of sand minnows, they closed them in.

All around me was a leaden glare, the snow clouds "corralling" me in.

The whole movement of corralling us was done so quietly and quickly that it was accomplished before we knew it.

I got out of the road when there was any of the expert business on, such as "cutting out," and "corralling."

The men praised Chet and Dig highly for their work in corralling the beasts.