Corrected [adjective]

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I realized in that moment shoes as gifts are uncommon because they’re so hard to get correct because of size, and no one likes returning and exchanging gifts.

The opportunity to talk colugo with local residents and correct misconceptions is one of the reasons Miard likes to study colugos in villages.

However, you are correct about not answering unidentified numbers.

That’s precisely why it’s the government’s job to step in and correct these market failures.

A new theory of gravity was underway, he said, and as soon as he could prove it correct, “your inspired investigations into the foundations of mechanics … will receive a splendid confirmation.”

While buying the correct water bottle might not be as exciting as searching for the new backcountry skiing setup you’ve been lusting after, the choice is still an extremely important one.

The district reported 1,074 seclusion incidents, but Taylor wrote in an email that the correct number is 46.

The one with the most correct answers won lunch with both of us and Sara Libby.

The US doesn’t currently have a national contact tracing app, but if the authors are correct, perhaps that’s not a major issue.

By measuring both the national TV ads and the addressable TV ads, Nielsen will be able to make sure the counts are correct, Nielsen gm of audience measurement Scott Brown said in an interview.