Correcting [verb]

Definition of Correcting:

fix, adjust

Opposite/Antonyms of Correcting:

Sentence/Example of Correcting:

I follow F. mainly, correcting the spelling; and give selected variations.

Do not be continually watching for faults, that you may display your own superior wisdom in correcting them.

Never pain another person by correcting, before others, a word or phrase mispronounced or ungrammatically constructed.

I was sitting at a late hour in my room above the college Yard, correcting daily themes.

Are they capable of calming the passions, of correcting vices, and of giving virtue to those who most scrupulously observe them?

The improvement consists in correcting one of these inartificial generalizations by means of another.

It would seem that before correcting them one ought to understand them; now this is exactly what no one wishes to do.

The physician is constantly correcting the abnormal conceptions that exist.

She went on examining, commending, correcting, till she was tired out.

It is moving gradually as the Earth moves and hourly correcting its aim.