Correctional [adjective]

Definition of Correctional:

concerning punishment

Synonyms of Correctional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correctional:

Sentence/Example of Correctional:

I must go before the correctional police and pay in person for my offence.

The trick which came under the notice of the French correctional police will perhaps here recur to recollection.

The correctional courts mentioned deal with the graver offences which are outside the ambit of the juge de paix.

The peers are to be tried by their own chamber in criminal or correctional cases, according to the forms prescribed by the law.

The Emperor has the right of pardoning, even in correctional cases, and of granting amnesties.

Work in this field can rarely be strictly characterized as either preventive, reformative or correctional.

Correctional schools and schools for the feeble-minded are integral parts of the Swiss social system.

It is a strong case for the correctional justice of criticism, which has too long abdicated its proper functions.

In the correctional prisons the convicts cultivate the soil, make bricks, &c., and are entitled to half their wages.

There are many kinds of correctional institutions and a number of schools not of a correctional character.