Corrections [noun]

Definition of Corrections:

adjustment; fixing

Synonyms of Corrections:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corrections:

Sentence/Example of Corrections:

The corrections here made in the text are necessary to the sense.

The corrections made are indicated in the text by dotted lines under the corrections.

Then compare the drawing with the model without using the wire, and make final corrections.

Transcriber's Notes: No corrections of typographical or other errors have been made to this text.

Minor punctuation and capitalization corrections have been made; the word “eat” appears in the original (versus “ate”).

Many corrections occur on the right margin, where final letters and punctuation did not survive.

As we have already said, the corrections made in the map of France were considerable.

His last instructions was, that I should instantly run and take his corrections to the office of the present Journal.

They are now republished with additions and with such corrections as the altered form of publication required or allowed.

A wild hope surging in him, he called the corrections—these were heavier guns than any that had yet taken a hand.