Correctives [noun]

Definition of Correctives:

cure, solution

Opposite/Antonyms of Correctives:








Sentence/Example of Correctives:

Kropotkins Mutual Aid is worth noting here as one of the earliest correctives to these popular misconceptions of Darwinism.

If genius is liable to such one-sidedness, the greater the need of educational correctives to common-place minds.

Printing has accelerated the progress of equality, and it is also one of its best correctives.

All the former correctives, whether of virtue or of weakness, which existed in the old monarchy, are gone.

They have rendered the application of all correctives and remedies to abuse, at best, precarious in their operation.

In being correctives to the disturbances of functioning they become correctives to the disturbing factors themselves.

Nor are correctives lacking for the abuses which may enter in through an overdevelopment of self-interest.

The common jail is made the place of confinement, while the whipping-post and starvation supply the correctives.

These orders are undoubtedly some correctives to the abuses which may arise in this very critical article of public dealing.

How, otherwise, could they stand a long unbroken course of free living, with such infinitesimal correctives of exercise?