Correlated [verb]

Definition of Correlated:

equate, compare

Synonyms of Correlated:

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Sentence/Example of Correlated:

In physiological studies, increased alpha power has been correlated with inhibition of cortex.

State polling errors are often correlated with one another, but it can also get really complicated.

After all, in 2016, presidential and Senate races were perfectly correlated — no Senate candidate won a state where his or her party didn’t win at the presidential level too.

Antibodies help to fend off future reinfections of viruses, but that doesn’t mean that higher antibody levels correlate with a “better” immune system response.

In fact, rising influenza cases are expected to correlate with spikes of coronavirus infections as the weather cools down.

Of course, efforts and outcomes are correlated, but a Stoic’s self-esteem lies entirely with her efforts.

A new study, published in Nature, took a deep dive into media multitasking and found that it correlates with “tip of the tongue” syndrome.

Polls are routinely weighted to match estimates of population demographics including race, age and other factors that are correlated with voting.

Maybe these self-targeted antibody responses do indeed contribute to disease severity, helping explain the delayed onset of severe symptoms in some patients that may correlate with antibody production.

The idea that there are only neuronal correlates of consciousness, and that these correlates are the patterns of synaptic firing in specific parts of the brain, is what you might call the conventional view in neuroscience.