Correlations [noun]

Definition of Correlations:

equating, equivalence

Synonyms of Correlations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correlations:

Sentence/Example of Correlations:

My correlations are good for me, but they may not be so vivid to others, especially where the concurrences are used.

When a pupil makes his own Correlations, every concurrence he uses is a real concurrence to him, and so with his Ins.

Do not look for Analytic Date-words in the following cases until you have first memorised my Correlations or your own.

Had the actor memorised either of these Correlations, he would not have forgotten Numitorius in his performance.

A thing is said to be "real" or to "occur" when it fits into a context of such correlations.

Note, in the first place, that the correlation in question is not simple: it is threefold, being a correlation of correlations.

Control of physical energies is due to inquiry which establishes specific correlations between minute elements.

Instances of these correlations are not indeed so numerous in the animal kingdom as they are in the vegetable.

When a muscle becomes unusually large it sets up corresponding correlations of growth in many other parts of the body.

Hence a single substance and motion, a single plant, a single animal, but correlations everywhere.