Corresponded [verb]

Definition of Corresponded:

agree, complement

Synonyms of Corresponded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corresponded:

Sentence/Example of Corresponded:

Because there are about 50 such nerve clusters on each side of the brain in this layer, this establishes a one-to-one mapping between types of sensory neurons and corresponding nerve clusters.

The large spike in deaths in April 2020 corresponds to the coronavirus outbreak in the Northeast, after which the number of excess deaths decreased regularly and substantially until July, when it started to increase again.

Just hover your mouse over the dash lines on the graph to see if certain algo updates correspond with your site’s traffic changes.

For classrooms, the current regulations of primary air flow correspond to an air exchange of about six per hour.

What’s more, because all of this information is linked to Salesforce, anything you enter in Scratchpad updates the corresponding fields and sections in Salesforce automatically.

Rather than train the model just to predict masked words in the captions from the corresponding photos, they also trained it to predict masked pixels in the photos on the basis of their corresponding captions.

To find the average number of guesses, you had to divide each of these terms by 267,751 and then multiply by the corresponding number of guesses.

A zettabyte of information corresponds roughly to the number of grains of sand on all the world’s beaches.

After we do all such possible gluings of corresponding parallel edges, we end up with what is called a translation surface.

Then the agency company would be in a position where it may need to push clients to spend their money with the corresponding network group in order to meet its commitment.