Correspondences [noun]

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She sent correspondence, CSL training materials, internal social media posts and samples of three masks from CSL’s stockpile.

Selected petitions and written correspondence between Igbo women and British officials between 1892 and 1960 shed fresh light on how women navigated male-dominated colonial institutions and structures of the time.

A spokesman for the bureau did not respond to a request for comment from Voice of San Diego, but Swider provided a copy of their e-mail correspondence.

Two days later he walked into the office of the printing firm with which he had been in correspondence.

She made an end of her correspondence, and sat down to a delicious little supper alone; as she best liked to enjoy these treats.

The correspondence of the Library has quite materially increased in volume.

He believed in the value of viva voce discussion, and discouraged all unnecessary inter-departmental correspondence.

Correspondence formed but a small part in his method of dealing with departments.

If it can be made out from written correspondence between the two parties this will be enough.

Often angry correspondence p. 65and sometimes angry discussion ensued.