Correspondents [noun]

Definition of Correspondents:

person communicating in writing

Synonyms of Correspondents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correspondents:


Sentence/Example of Correspondents:

The question may have seemed gimmicky to some, but as NBC News political correspondent Sahil Kapur noted, familiarity with local agricultural concerns has been important to Iowa voters in the past.

Pottinger had served as a Marine intelligence officer and worked in China as a correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.

Conversation editor Nabeelah Shabbir at The English-language Correspondent is tasked with driving interaction between its over 50,000 paying members and the site’s five full-time journalists, who it calls correspondents, and freelancers.

Banks have hired thousands of employees to beef up anti-money laundering and financial crime teams, and some withdrew from certain countries and dropped correspondent-banking ties with hundreds of smaller lenders.

Ginger Thompson, senior reporter, has been promoted to chief of correspondents, reporting to Managing Editor Robin Fields.

For 38 years, he was chief science correspondent for NBC News.

He was long a correspondent of the National Intelligencer and other papers, residing in Virginia.

Such is the opinion of this Correspondent to the Times, and it is doubtless the opinion of a fair and just majority.

Your correspondent Erica gives us some quotations and epitaphs, in which the metaphor of an Inn is applied both to life and death.

The success of his imitation of Coleridge's style is proved by the indignation of your correspondent.