Correspondingly [adverb]

Definition of Correspondingly:

also, similarly

Synonyms of Correspondingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correspondingly:

Sentence/Example of Correspondingly:

That period corresponded to a major collaboration on unified field theory Pauli conducted with Heisenberg.

The watch, and the corresponding app, are easy to navigate and feel clean.

In this manner, we have no way of knowing which ballot corresponds to which mail-in and cannot identify who has voted for whom.

That is, whenever a system of qubits holographically encodes a region of space-time, there are always qubit entanglement patterns that correspond to localized bits of energy floating in the higher-dimensional world.

Researchers on Wednesday presented a new technique that can once again cause DNS resolvers to return maliciously spoofed IP addresses instead of the site that rightfully corresponds to a domain name.

The periodic patterns of neural spikes corresponded with the spacings of ridges.

Then the company uses this library to train a machine-learning model to predict how certain DNA sequences correspond to a protein’s properties.

To find out, they first established how the activity in sets of artificial neurons in their CNN corresponded to activity in almost 300 sites in the ventral visual stream of two rhesus macaques.

“I will note that the case was thoroughly vetted with many very experienced prosecutors and we did speak and correspond with the victim multiple times prior to making any final charging decision,” he said.

Each of the 10 bays at the Loop’s stations must handle hundreds of passengers an hour, corresponding to perhaps 100 or more arrivals and departures, depending on how many people each car is carrying.