Corresponds [verb]

Definition of Corresponds:

agree, complement

Synonyms of Corresponds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corresponds:

Sentence/Example of Corresponds:

Pitch corresponds to the range of the voice, and expresses affection or attraction.

In and of itself the monopoly price corresponds to the monopolist's profit and not to cheapness of sale.

The exercise of confessing the name of God, corresponds to that of joining to him in a perpetual covenant.

The walls are decorated with French papers in compartments, with gold mouldings, and every thing corresponds.

The estival solstice of Meton, the Athenian, corresponds with this day, in the 87th Olympiad.

There is often a rhythmic alteration of intensity of symptoms that corresponds more or less to the physiological rhythm of life.

This corresponds in all essential particulars with the "brief" prepared by the solicitor in England for the use of counsel.

The health of the inhabitants corresponds with the excellence of the climate.

The form of the body usually corresponds with the nature and disposition.

The interior of the town very well corresponds with the importance of its first aspect.