Corridors [noun]

Definition of Corridors:


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Sentence/Example of Corridors:

Fearing to lose his way, he bawls over the banister, and through the corridors, “Is any one there?”

She lost herself in the interminable corridors and finally ran into Elton Gwynne.

The Catacombs consist essentially of two parts—corridors and chambers, or cubicula.

The corridors are long, narrow and intricate passages, forming a complete underground net-work.

Following the nawab he traversed many corridors and chambers and ultimately reached an apartment in which Chumru was seated.

These often bear the character of family vaults, and are lined with graves, like the corridors without.

Flanked on each side by a policeman, I pass through winding corridors, and finally ascend to the private office of the Chief.

Down the long corridors the wind mysteriously whispered, rising in inarticulate moanings and woeful sighs, as of souls in pain.

The clatter of levers, the slamming of iron doors, continually reverberates through the corridors.

The corridors were full of the sound of shuffling feet, and of shouting and gesticulating people.