Corroborative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Corroborative:

No arrest record, no statements from the police corroborating the story.

Meanwhile, your inner ear—the organ in charge of your balance and sense of motion—corroborates this information by telling your brain that yes, you’re moving.

A person familiar with the matter corroborated this claim to TechCrunch.

Scientists are also under strict orders not to report anything that may corroborate the belief that the virus originated inside China.

One witness, former Deputy Secretary Jim Byrne, said Wilkie told him about it, but Wilkie denied it and Byrne didn’t have corroborating documentation.

Glanzman’s team tried to erase the memory of the training by dismantling the synaptic connections between the neurons and, sure enough, the snails subsequently behaved as if they’d lost the memory, further corroborating the synaptic memory theory.

But I reckon we'll have to take these two carcasses along as a sort of corroborative evidence.

Day by day as scientific investigation proceeds we hear of additional corroborative evidence.

The beneficial practical consequences of them, in many cases, gave corroborative evidence that they were warranted.

A chain of the former kind was termed by Bentham a self-corroborative chain of evidence; the second, a self-infirmative chain.