Corrode [verb]

Definition of Corrode:

wear away; eat away

Synonyms of Corrode:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corrode:

Sentence/Example of Corrode:

Someday cities may rely in winter on nontoxic spray-on antifreezes that won’t stain your clothes or corrode your car.

This led to unaffordable rates and water sitting stagnant in corroding pipes, making it more vulnerable to contaminants.

Quakers are diligent; they help one another, and the fear of want does not corrode their minds.

You take it for granted that metals corrode, coastlines change, and storms interfere with communication.

Again, a cylinder oil should not have any acid in it which would have a tendency to corrode the metal.

It needed but a little of the splendour and luxury of an oriental court to corrode the old iron of the Spartan character.

If it would corrode it would be valueless for many of the uses to which it is put.

One of the greatest advantages of aluminum is that it will not rust or corrode under ordinary conditions.

This formula is said to give a deep black, neutral ink that does not corrode steel pens.

I find that drops of sea-water corrode sea-kale if bloom is removed; also the var.