Corroding [verb]

Definition of Corroding:

wear away; eat away

Synonyms of Corroding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corroding:

Sentence/Example of Corroding:

The hopeless passion ran like a corroding poison through the inflammable tissue.

He gave the others a taste by and by—a withering, corroding sup—and they derided him and rode him down.

To give it such form that it shall be durable, under the action of the hot gases and of the corroding elements of the atmosphere.

Besides you cannot calculate how much corroding rust is kept off, how much of disconsolate, dull despondency is hindered.

But a precious odor breathed from the casks, and the corroding capsules confessed the mighty powers that lurked within.

One of their punishments will be the corroding contemplation of the "ifs" and "buts" of their stupendous gamble.

Then he would tell himself, with a corroding bitterness of feeling, that as a man sows so he must reap.

You could not speak to me; or, in a few words you dropped, I could read the bitter chagrin that was corroding your heart.

All that you invest wisely in men is stored up against any violence or craftiness of thieves and any corroding of rust.

As a prevention against the corroding influence of the salt sea winds, this dome is tiled on its south-west surface.