Corrosive [adjective]

Definition of Corrosive:

consuming, wearing; bitter

Synonyms of Corrosive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corrosive:

Sentence/Example of Corrosive:

They exert a caustic or corrosive action on animal and vegetable substances.

Number Three was insulated against a frigid but relatively non-corrosive atmosphere.

It dissolves mercury, and with it forms corrosive sublimate.

Many corrosive preparations are recommended for the cure of this disease, but I have decided objections to one and all of them.

This liquor is very corrosive, and tinges animal substances of a blackish brown colour.

Its innoccuous nature, and its freedom from any corrosive action on dissecting instruments.

I compounded this philter of corrosive sublimate and herbs that have an effect upon the skin.

Corrosive sublimate, saturated aqueous solution, for five minutes.

Of these, Lang's corrosive sublimate solution is decidedly the best all-round "fixative."

Fix, while still wet, in the corrosive sublimate fixing solution.