Corruptions [noun]

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Except, well, those countries are not safe — corruption, crime, violence, and lack of economic opportunity have driven hundreds of thousands to flee the countries in recent years.

When we asked Brian Kolfage last month to explain how his group We Build the Wall had spent the $25 million it had raised, plus address concerns of corruption when the private sector takes over the building of border walls, he scoffed.

That, again, is Jason Robins from DraftKings, talking about corruption in sports.

The soldiers arrested the president following months of mass protests against corruption and escalating insecurity in Mali, where Islamic militants have been active since 2012.

When people repeatedly do things that aren’t allowed—from jaywalking to engaging in business corruption—their social-credit score falls and they can be blocked from things like buying train and plane tickets or applying for a mortgage.

They assess the specific agency’s track record on corruption, safety, finance, and abuse—as well as factoring in how much it needs the tool.

It is very much an inward set of grievances focused on the fact that there is tremendous corruption, poverty.

The search for shortcuts to finding corruption of thought keeps coming up empty—keeping much of psychiatry in the past and blocking the road to progress.

Sorensen said neighborhoods used to have special parks funds controlled by recreation committees until some corruption within the system ended the practice citywide.

Those economic problems, corruption problems, and government and so on.