Corsage [noun]

Definition of Corsage:

flower arrangement

Synonyms of Corsage:

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Sentence/Example of Corsage:

She was dressed in a high-necked dress of black lace, and wore in her corsage a large circular ornament of diamonds and emeralds.

As Bristow had done, he touched her wrist, and then slipped his hand beneath her corsage so that it rested above her heart.

She wore a gown of gray gauze with bands of beaded and jeweled fringe at corsage and knees.

On one side a fall of lace extends from the centre of the corsage, and connects with the sleeves.

The cut of her corsage left bare her arms, shoulders and the rise of her breast, which seemed sculptured in the purest marble.

Miss Desmond was very simply dressed in light gray, and wore a single pink rose in her corsage.

In the corsage of her fur-trimmed coat she wore the sign for which I had been searching for an hour—a sprig of mimosa!

She half suspected that he would bring flowers and so wore none, and when he came with pink roses, she added those to her corsage.

The process of investing her ladyship in her new corsage seems to demand an enormous exertion of muscular vigour.

The opening formed by the berthe in front of the corsage is filled up by horizontal rows of blonde.