Corsairs [noun]

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At last the fire of the corsair ceased, and a whiff of air carried away the smoke.

Then Captain Sterrett, though he still felt like sinking the corsair, ordered the firing to stop.

When this came near, it was seen to be a corsair which had long waged war on American merchantmen.

As the Vulture was of too large a draught to proceed higher, the troops were placed on board the steamers Pluto and Corsair.

I have read the Corsair, mended my petticoat, and have nothing else to do.

The Giaour, Lara, and the Corsair make me justly style him a poet.

Ericsson had adopted this method of securing an artificial draught ten years before, in one of his earlier vessels, the Corsair.

The Corsair Dragutte, a buccaneer of romantic days, came along and plundered these Ligurian towns as often as he felt like it.

This latter might well have served for a model of Conrad the Corsair: and so he is assured by his companions.

With an acuteness which aroused the admiration of the young corsair, who was trained to similar plots, she explained hers.