Corsets [noun]

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The queen put the letter in the hollow of her corset, resolving to burn it as soon as she was alone.

And as for that Yankee ornithologist, he's hung himself with the Countess's corset—string—yes, he has!

A French corset-maker appeared on the scene, and a famous vender of cosmetics.

She began work in Philadelphia in a commission house as a saleswoman and corset fitter.

In New York, the sister of fifteen found employment in running ribbons into corset covers, earning from $1 to $1.50 a week.

She could earn $7 a week by stitching up and down the fronts and stitching on the belts of 108 corset covers—9 dozen a day.

She stitched regularly in the busy season 1568 yards of machine sewing daily in fastening belts to cheap corset covers.

Some wore only four or five, while others possessed twenty or more, and then they rather resembled a corset.

Somebody made the dresses, her make-up box made her complexion, and her corset made her figure.

She wore the workaday costume: a full, dark-brown skirt, the full white bodice, and a little waistcoat or corset.