Corvette [noun]

Definition of Corvette:

large boat

Synonyms of Corvette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corvette:


Sentence/Example of Corvette:

The corvette stood on the opposite tack until well abaft the beam.

He perceived that the corvette had hauled on board his tattered courses, and was standing ahead of them.

When Newton returned on deck, he found that the corvette had gradually edged down until nearly within point-blank range.

Her yards have a wide spread, and I am inclined to think that she is a frigate or a large corvette—certainly a French one.

The Spanish corvette San Fermin, which lay at anchor in the port, was thrown over the walls of the fortress.

Gary then had the course altered to disconcert the aim of the corvette, which soon after ceased firing.

The corvette veered and let go a broadside while the captain looked up at the rigging anxiously.

After three stormy weeks, in mid-March off the Jersey coast they came in sight of a corvette flying the tricolor.

They proved to be three forty-four gun frigates, with a corvette of twenty-four and a brig of twelve.

Are not two frigates and a corvette placed under my orders ready to fight the French, meet them where they may?