Coryza [noun]

Definition of Coryza:

communicable disease

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Sentence/Example of Coryza:

I have no recollection of sniffling, in public; yet here are nine dozen handkerchiefs, an outfit for someone with chronic coryza.

You cultivate it at the risk of coryza over the newly-filled graves of dead friends.

Lastly, the series of epidemics from 1889 to 1893 effectually broke the association with coryza or catarrh.

The juice of the flowers is a popular remedy in India, for migraine and coryza.

La grippe is a bronchitis or coryza with some fever and muscle-soreness.

Coryza frequently commences at or about the time of the pharyngitis.

Coryza, or nasal catarrh,—commonly called a cold in the head,—is not very common among cows.

It is most common on the upper lip, and may be associated with a fissure or with chronic coryza.

Sometimes it contains shreds of false membrane, for example in nasal diphtheria; or white cheesy masses as in coryza cascosa.

Coryza and cough are the chief respiratory symptoms which attend these widespread epidemics.