Cosmologies [noun]

Definition of Cosmologies:

theory of the universe

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Sentence/Example of Cosmologies:

The elements in mediaeval cosmology were assigned to a definite region of the universe.

His ideas of cosmology are equally vague; thus, stars are held to be glowing stones.

The word "Purana" means "old," and in ancient Sanscrit writings it has the same meaning as our "cosmology."

Moreover, biology and abiology are connected branches of cosmology, or the science of the world.

It is even permissible to say that he took physics or cosmology too lightly.

From what we know of cosmology, intelligent life probably exists there to a greater or lesser extent.

Concerning cosmology, the Igorot believes Lumawig gave the earth and all things connected with it.

Thus they did not develop a systematic cosmology, nor formulate a system of metaphysics.

It also would disentangle religion from cosmology and formal philosophy.

The cosmology of the Babylonians results from the continued play of these two factors.