Costing [verb]

Definition of Costing:

command a price of

Synonyms of Costing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Costing:

Sentence/Example of Costing:

It is protected by a stupendous granite breakwater, costing many millions and affording a delightful promenade on a fine day.

English avoirdupois, costing from one dollar and three-quarters to two dollars and a half.

The Bishop sometimes preached here; and on one occasion the vestry treated his lordship to a rundlett of sack, costing £1.

Each evening parties costing thousands of roubles were given in the restaurants.

It was costing a vast sum of money, and there was a financial stress upon land.

Such engines are now sold at from $120 to $150 per horse-power, according to size and quality, the smaller engines costing most.

The family have felt able to afford for her a new dress costing $11, and material for a suit, costing $6.

One of the three summer dresses costing $14 was her blue linen dress, for which she had given $7.

Free writing paper and envelopes are at the present time costing more than £90,000 a year.

The siege was costing the English dear,—forty thousand livres tournois a month.