Costs [noun]

Definition of Costs:

expense; price paid

Synonyms of Costs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Costs:

Sentence/Example of Costs:

The amount of the taxed costs is one hundred and thirty-three, six, four, Mr. Perker.

Consequently, such a man would cost your Majesty two-thirds less than the governor costs you.

If he can't handle them we've got a right to put on our own crew and drive them down—and charge back to him what it costs us.

The quantity necessary for each horse per day costs about eightpence, and his maize as much more.

A Natch often costs several thousand rupees, and is one of the most costly items in the expenditure of the rich.

Puffin would write all the letters; and as for the lawsuits, you would win them, and the costs would not come out of your pocket.

Hence, rising costs of education have become a key matter at each recent session of the General Assembly.

The score of this work seemed like a sin, for which he must make reparation at all costs.

He gives a supper, and says to his guests: Let me recommend this to you; it is sent by Leander and costs me nothing but thanks.

His grace introduced no new argument, but urged the house at all costs to resist reform in every shape.