Coteries [noun]

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A thundering coterie of chirping prairie dogs darted chaotically around the grasslands.

DiCarlo and Yamins, who now runs his own lab at Stanford University, are part of a coterie of neuroscientists using deep neural networks to make sense of the brain’s architecture.

At that time Baudelaire's work was only known to a distinguished literary coterie.

Novall Junior and his coterie appear here as in their former presentation in II, ii.

To the end, the coterie would act according to the light of their own eyes.

This abuse was attacked by an enterprising reformer, and of course defended by the coterie.

They formed a coterie at Cambridge, and spent most of their holidays at Newstead.

Curry was walking away from her little coterie, when she called out, 'Ah!

It taught the public to guard against the insinuations of the Coterie Holbachique.

It had its birth in an admiration few men receive, and which in Charles Fox's devoted coterie was dangerously near to idolatry.