Cottony [adjective]

Definition of Cottony:

very smooth; like satin

Synonyms of Cottony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cottony:







Sentence/Example of Cottony:

He was conscious of a hunger that was beyond discomfort, and a thirst that left his mouth dry and cottony.

Stem: Cylindrical; creamy white; hollow, or with a loose cottony pith.

Cottony clouds stood, in a great castle, over the top of Arran, and blew out in long streamers to the south.

He has a little shrivelled face, looking as if it had been in the fire, and a short cottony beard, like moss on an old stone.

It was a thirst that started in his throat, spread to his dry cottony mouth, sank deep into his drying insides.

Through the whole room, it seemed, swept a curious cottony sense of Something-About-to-Happen!

The eggs of this insect are microscopic, and are enveloped in a cottony substance.

Other molds forming loose cottony mycelium are brushed off if they appear.

Mold begins to show as white cottony mycelium after five to six days, and slowly turns to "blue" (bluish green).

It was a good sight to see old Earth, bundled up in her cottony clouds, growing larger and larger in the television disc.