Couched [verb]

Definition of Couched:

express in particular way

Synonyms of Couched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Couched:


Sentence/Example of Couched:

If your friend is planning to hibernate on the couch and watch their favorite shows, this will keep them company while you’re outside making snow angels.

Someone said listening to him and Hellie do the game was like being in the room with two people watching on a couch.

His absence was felt deeply as the cast, sitting on the familiar beige couches of the Banks’ living room, were brought to tears while watching a montage of Avery on screen.

I was surprised to find that this also improved my comprehension and understanding of the content, and I now watch all video content with subtitles, whether or not my husband is sitting next to me on the couch.

In a motivational speech last year in which he discussed the benefits of that plan, Nikic said some of the obstacles he had to overcome were the facts that he loves “food, video games and my couch” and that “everything is harder for me to learn.”

On game day, Martin sat on a couch in a campus medical office that had been transformed into a calming living room, with a statue of the Buddha, airy paintings, and yellow-light table lamps.

Miles hardly covers any ground on the sidewalk before he stops to help a man struggling to push a couch into the back of a trailer.

I even wear it while reading in the evenings on the couch in lieu of a blanket.

This spring and summer, Kyra spent much of her time under a blanket on the living room couch, watching movies on her Kindle.

Livestreams are a cheap, easy way to help fight allegations of voter fraud and might be a first step in ensuring transparent and fair elections, all from the comfort of your couch.