Coughing [verb]

Definition of Coughing:

expelling air with sound

Synonyms of Coughing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coughing:


Sentence/Example of Coughing:

His repeated coughing seemed a constant warning that at any moment he might be vanquished in the struggle for becoming silence.

But at this Worse looked so ferocious, that his friend took a long sip, and followed it by a fit of coughing.

Toward the end of supper Marguerite was seized by a more violent fit of coughing than any she had had while I was there.

A dancer went down, coughing and clawing at his throat, while yelps of surprise and pain told me others had been wounded.

Then a burst of coughing again and the blood in thick clots gurgled up from the throat.

Smith of Boston had been there over two years, though he was coughing badly and did not think that he could last much longer.

And he began, in a languid voice, interrupted by frequent fits of coughing.

Towards daylight a violent coughing fit ensued, during which an ulcer was broken, and she knew that she was dying.

Mr. Treffry was coughing, and when he talked his voice seemed to rumble even more than usual.

A fit of coughing put an end to what he was saying, but Eustace saw that the hand was still writing.