Coulee [noun]

Definition of Coulee:

gap in earth's surface

Synonyms of Coulee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coulee:


Sentence/Example of Coulee:

I wormed and twisted around until I got up to that coulee, and sure enough, it was what I thought.

There were some pools of water standing in a coulee, at whose head grew a clump of wild plum trees and other straggly growth.

We realized at last that it was a solitary buffalo bull, no doubt coming down to water at a little coulee just beyond us.

Standing in the shade of the coulee wall, he undressed deliberately, folding each garment methodically as he took it off.

The coulee wound aimlessly, with precipitous sides that he could not climb, even by leading his horse.

Still, there was no herd grazing anywhere in the coulee, and no jingle of cavvy bells came to his ears, though he listened long.

They kept fires burning all night to scare him out uh the coulee, and they're going to break camp to-day and hike for home.

He eased the clothing cautiously away from his smarting back, and stared hard into a coulee.

"I believe the darned old reprobate was lyin' to us," he remarked, when the horseman disappeared into a coulee.

Half a mile away he spied a little coulee where several valleys appeared to lose themselves in thick underbrush.