Couloir [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Couloir:

Their tracks were visible on the snow at the top of the couloir.

None came, and we felt gratified at this confirmation of our judgment as to the safety of this part of the couloir.

Naturally, our trust in the rocks was gone, and we took as soon as possible to the steep snow of the couloir.

My hat blew off here, and rolled on its stiffened brim at a tremendous pace down a couloir of ice.

We ascended by the right-hand couloir, if I may so term it, and then made for the gap on the ridge at the extreme westerly end.

Our way now lay up the couloir; the snow was steep, but knobbly, and hence but few steps were required to give the boots a hold.

If we persisted in the couloir, this barrier would have to be surmounted, and the possibility of scaling it was very questionable.

It was also proposed to vary the proceedings by assailing the ridge by the couloir nearest to Monte Rosa.

Throughout the night the rocks roared intermittently, as they swept down the adjacent couloir.

From this saddle a kind of couloir runs downwards, widening out gradually and blending with the gentler slopes below.