Council [noun]

Definition of Council:

people assembled for purpose

Synonyms of Council:

Opposite/Antonyms of Council:

Sentence/Example of Council:

There’s a clear lack of regional diversity in many AI advisory boards, expert panels, and councils.

It follows two brainiac classmates who fall in love while leading their student council but are too proud to be the first to admit it.

Others have created new internal councils focused on diversity and inclusion.

You attend a neighborhood council meeting, just to see what happens when you rise to speak.

City councils, for instance, are making legislative decisions when they adopt new policies that will apply broadly going forward.

The city council in Austin, Texas made the announcement on Wednesday, officials in Louisville, Kentucky are set to follow suit, and they will join local officials in 19 states who’ve recently recognized racism as a public health issue.

Rodriguez-Kennedy called it the SANDAG strategy, because it would rank the races that could give the party control of mayor’s offices or city councils that would translate into a seat on the board of the regional planning agency.

We have started a diversity council within FaZe Clan that is a volunteer group that is working on actionable items in this area.

The council of Trent was prorogued for two years; it did not assemble again until 1562.

For a "cold collation on the occasion of the audit" our Council always allows 10.