Councilman [noun]

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The Councilman and his wife, who drew close to him, looked at each other, unable to understand the words of the bishop.

Well, now, seigneur Councilman, august elective magistrate of the illustrious Commune of Laon!

"Bishop of Laon, those are very serious words," answered the Councilman with emotion.

The worthy Councilman, ever hampered and incommoded by his military equipment, had rid himself of it in the moment of battle.

The first position to which he was called was that of city councilman of Walla Walla in 1897.

In 1898 he was made county auditor of Columbia county by popular vote and in 1910 and 1911 served as councilman at large.

In 1865 he was elected mayor of the city and for many years in rotation was elected councilman.

"Adieu, good Dame Marcel," said the councilman's wife, taking a step towards the door.

She remained pensive and silent for a moment, while the councilman's wife observed her closely and anxiously awaited her answer.

"He presented it to the city as a gift," replied the councilman.