Councilors [noun]

Definition of Councilors:

person who acts in the stead of another

Synonyms of Councilors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Councilors:

Sentence/Example of Councilors:

In 1804 Louis was made general, then councilor of state, and finally in 1806 he was elevated to the throne of Holland.

The municipal elections took place in June, and Gonzalo was elected town councilor against his will.

His severance from the party naturally followed, as no privy councilor might entertain partisan connections.

The emperor now conferred on him the title of sangi (councilor of state).

And there are days when my councilor, the keeper of the royal seals, borrows from my valet the wherewithal to buy snuff.

"That is a very noble sentiment, a very Christian sentiment," replied the Privy Councilor, rubbing his long nose.

You will all be at least twice as rich as you are, if the sale turns out as favorably as the Privy Councilor prophesies.

The Privy Councilor had gone; Giraldi kept his dark eyes fixed on the door, a smile of profoundest contempt played about his lips.

"We can't go as far as that," replied the Privy Councilor, scratching his close-cropped hair.

I have it with absolute certainty from Privy Councilor von Strumm, who only begs that we shall not betray him.