Counselled [verb]

Definition of Counselled:

give advice

Synonyms of Counselled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counselled:

Sentence/Example of Counselled:

If it turns out that there is some material, criminal behavior going on, then there’s a referral made to law enforcement, often in conjunction with outside counsel.

Under congressional power, the breakups would target types of business, rather than particular companies, committee counsel told reporters on Tuesday.

The proposal achieved Saufley’s goal at the time, which was to create an entity separate from the judicial branch where court-appointed counsel would have independence from judges and prosecutors.

“Certainly not more of the same,” says Linda Jun, senior policy counsel at Americans for Financial Reform.

“We’re pleased that the Attorney General has rejected the City’s claims,” said Matt Topic, outside general counsel for the BGA.

Jon Davidson, legal counsel for the LGBTQ group Freedom for All Americans, said “Ginsburg’s death is a serious blow to the LGBTQ community, among others” and a tied decision would leave the issue open to further litigation.

Additionally, when current or former employees speak out about especially egregious situations that media organizations find newsworthy, corporate counsel should consider discouraging employers from enforcing NDA agreements.

Mr Aldis counselled him not to learn his speeches, but to write out and commit to memory certain passages and the peroration.

Many of his men counselled him therefrom, but none the less went he with a great following to the house of which Sigrid was lady.

"Keep trying," counselled the referee, keeping pace with her.