Counselling [verb]

Definition of Counselling:

give advice

Synonyms of Counselling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counselling:

Sentence/Example of Counselling:

The team members also give counselling to parents, young girls and even women in the bracket of menopause.

This was the work of Mr. Harrington Emerson, widely known as a counselling engineer.

For they may be looked upon as truly counselling, voting for this injustice on the part of the manufacturer.

He responded to the request, counselling moderation and less bitterness in dealing with the situation before us.

I quickly turned from reproaching my own persevering rejection of Miss Mortimer's counsels, to blame her method of counselling.

Now, in counselling thee to flight and secrecy, I counsel thee against my own pride and pleasure.

Even the Beatitudes, in the midst of their eloquent counselling of renunciation, give it unimaginable splendor as its reward.

But the dreadful thunder rolled through the night, for Zeus was counselling evil against them.

Then Agamemnon, king of heroes, immediately arose, and much-counselling Ulysses arose.

She concluded by strongly counselling them to use the utmost caution, and to expose themselves as little as possible.