Counsellor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Counsellor:

You will follow the suite of my daughter to Spain, and you will become the bosom Counsellor of the wife of your Prince?

Sebastian Brandt died; counsellor of Strassburg, a lawyer, and author of a curious poem.

Every counsellor giveth out counsel, but there is one that is a counsellor for himself.

Counsellor Hagen, formerly secretary to the famous baron Gortz, shot himself through the head.

While a counsellor was pleading at the Irish bar, a louse unluckily peeped from under his wig.

At a circuit dinner, a counsellor observed to another, "I shall certainly hang your client."

A field-marshal has his uniform, a bishop his silk apron, a counsellor his silk gown, a beadle his cocked hat.

As the word fers originally meant counsellor or monitor of the king, it could be applied to any of the pieces.

Its crushing weight started toward him, but a last swing shot it past to the desk of the counsellor.

A good or a bad counsellor, in a single city at a particular crisis, has affected the whole subsequent fate of the world.