Counselor [noun]

Definition of Counselor:

legal representative; adviser

Synonyms of Counselor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counselor:

Sentence/Example of Counselor:

Alma Porley, a former counselor at the county’s El Cajon outpatient mental health clinic, said patients and doctors quickly recognized the change in 2011.

I worked as a camp counselor after high school, and I loved it.

On Wednesday, Sweetwater’s board also voted to lay off 209 workers, including teachers, counselors and librarians.

Hast thou no king in thee, or is thy counselor perished, because sorrow hath taken thee as a woman in labour.

On the following day she told him that I was the widow of a counselor, who, being poor, lived in retirement.

The well-educated woman physician should be the friend and counselor of the mother during this anxious period.

He was made baron, and became, next to Kaunitz, the most influential counselor of the empress.

Sakkataka or Sasachatoko was at one time chief counselor of the Sachem of the tribe.

His pictures become sentences; he is a counselor rather than an observer, a judge rather than an artist.

The highest honor one can bestow upon his friend is to make him his counselor.