Counselors [noun]

Definition of Counselors:

legal representative; adviser

Synonyms of Counselors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counselors:

Sentence/Example of Counselors:

Andross commission gave him the power to appoint and remove his counselors at will.

He gathers around him, as counselors and co-workers, those in whom he could place confidence.

His official counselors, equally patriotic and sincere, were not his equals in calmness of temper.

Formerly 729 each town or province was ruled by an hereditary cacique, who administered justice with four nobles as counselors.

Reuel Lanphier Howe is recognized as one of the foremost counselors in America in the field of personal relationships.

These doubts and hesitations are necessarily increased when we try to become consistent teachers and wise counselors of the young.

"That question is what your Majesty might call foxy," said one of the counselors, an old grey fox.

The ablest counselors and chief officers in the army urged Antony very strongly not to trust himself to the sea.

Better die a thousand deaths than render homage to Philip, or sacrifice any of your faithful counselors.

Our eldest sister and her husband, therefore, soon became our counselors and advisers.